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female vibrators

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November 8, 2009

Female vibrators.

Do you think female vibrators are a recent invention? Well they are not; the first was invented in the 1880s for medical use, to treat so called “female hysteria” an illness identified hundreds of years before. For the full history try looking up vibrator in Wikipedia.

 Female Vibrators became generally available to the public in the early 1900s, but were marketed as vibrating massagers for relaxation purposes. Now some 100 years on, and with the arrival of the online shop giving discretion and privacy the adult toy market has boomed, especially where the female vibrator is concerned. The modern woman can now go to a shop selling such items in total privacy and buy any product she chooses, all without bumping into the local gossip. 

But the different makes and types are enough to cause the first time purchaser more than a little confusion. There is no single answer to this problem, as women’s needs are varied and one style doesn’t suit all. As the majority of female vibrators are probably used for solo masturbation, and although masturbation is not the taboo subject it used to be, women are still not inclined to discuss it openly, so what type of female vibrator to use and how to use it is in the main self taught. So how does the first time buyer chose between the different types of female vibrator? Well you know your own body, or you should! What do you do when you use your hand or hands to masturbate? Where do you like to be caressed by your partner when you make love? It’s no good skirting round the subject; if you prefer  just clitoral stimulation, and that’s how you reach an orgasm when masturbating, maybe your first purchase should be a bullet or an egg vibrator, at the very least it needs to be designed to provide effective clitoral stimulation. However if you prefer G spot stimulation, then the one designed for G spot stimulation maybe your best choice. There are female vibrators to stimulate every conceivable erogenous zone on the female body. And the variety doesn’t stop there either, worried about the noise? Don’t! You can get silent female vibrators. There are vibrators you can use in the bath or shower, there are female vibrators you can use in the night club that vibrate to the rhythm of the  music, and you can even plug one into your ipod so you can listen to your favourite music on your way to the Big O. The list is endless and still growing, so if you haven’t taken an online window shopping trip yet. Why not?!!

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Worried about using vibrators and health issues? Well, with some basic hygiene and knowing what material you are using or intending to use, will lower the risk and extend the life of your toys.

The problem with some materials is that they are porous, which makes them difficult to keep clean and bacteria free. So using a condom with these is always good practice, as is cleaning with anti bacterial soap and water or toy cleaner before as well as after use.
Popular Materials and What You Should Know

TPR (Thermal Plastic Elastomer)
This is an extremely porous material, so make sure you clean before and immediately after use and stored away from other toys in a cool dark place. Use water based lubricants only.

Best used with a condom as it is porous and difficult to clean effectively without shortening the life of the toy. Silicone or water based lubricants may be used.

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)
Low maintenance: the water resistant quality of this material makes it easy to clean with antibacterial soap and water or toy cleaner. Silicone or water based lubricants may be used.

Although the main component is PVC it has a rubbery quality and should not be shared unless a condom is used as it cannot be sterilised. Clean before and after use with antibacterial soap and water or toy cleaner. Silicone or water based lubricants may be used.

TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber)
Slightly porous and a condom should be use if sharing. Clean before and after use with antibacterial soap and water or toy cleaner. Silicone or water based lubricants may be used.

Non-porous and phthalate free: Clean before and after use with antibacterial soap and hot water or toy cleaner. Silicone or water based lubricants may be used.

Non-porous with a smooth texture that is dirt and bacteria repellent and if your vibrator is fully waterproof can even be dishwasher safe. Clean with antibacterial soap and water or toy cleaner. Use water based lubricant ONLY. Store away from other silicone toys to prevent them reacting to one another.

Glass and Stainless Steel
Both these materials are hard and ideal for vibrators, not only are they non-porous and easy to clean and sterilises they are perfect for vibration transfer and made to last. Clean before and after use with antibacterial soap and hot water or toy cleaner. Silicone or water based lubricants may be used.


When using a vibrator, or in fact any sex toy it is advisable to use a lubricant, as most toy manufacturers already recommend. If you have never tried a lubricant with your vibrator or toy, or even just your fingers you could be missing out, sex of any kind is always improved when things are smooth and slippery, which is not always case at the very start of a session. Try putting a little dab of lubricant on your finger before stroking your clitoris, because virginal lubrication doesn’t often find its way there before direct stimulation, and fingers tend to feel rough no matter how soft your hands are. When you’ve tried that you will start to see what I’m getting at.

There are times when the vagina is not as well lubricated as we would like, for example, tiredness or stress, the contraceptive pill, certain days in the menstrual cycle and some over-the-counter drugs can contribute to a drier than normal vagina. Sex at these times can lead to tiny tears in the vagina which are sore and leave it vulnerable to infection, which using a good quality lubricant would prevent.

There are three main types of lubricant, these are water-based, silicon-based and oil based.

Water-based lubricant are safe, they can be used with the latex so they can be used with condoms and all vibrators and toys. If they have a drawback it is that they have a tendency to dry out, but they are easily reactivated with a drop of water or saliva. The other advantage of water-based lubricants is that they are available with additives that enhance the sensations during sex, either with a partner or solo, I have tested some of these and they do seem to work. Another variation on the water-based lubricant is it can be flavoured, which only has an advantage if you enjoy oral sex, and yes I have tried that as well, the taste of the ones I tried are fine (very fruity) but they tend to leave a greasy feeling in and around the mouth.

Silicon-based lubricants retain the lubricating properties longer than water-based lubricants and are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. They are completely waterproof so they are ideal for use in a shower or bath. A little good quality silicon lubricant goes a long way, and is perfectly safe for internal use as silicon molecules are too big to enter the body through the skin or body linings. The only thing you must NOT do with silicon lubricant is use it with vibrators or toys manufactured using silicon.


Oil-based lubricants are formulated mainly for men, but they are great for anal sex (if that’s what you are into), because they are long-lasting and never become sticky. However they are definitely NOT RECOMMENDED for vaginal use, and cannot be used with condoms, diaphragms or cervical caps, they also have the disadvantage of leaving stains on fabrics.


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December 12, 2009

Best Vibrators

What do women consider to be the best vibrator? If a proper survey was carried out the answer would almost certainly be the rabbit, in one of its many forms. That is because we only consider how it performs, and the rabbit does the job extremely well for most women. But do a survey about quality of the product and you might get a different answer. The lifespan of most rabbit vibrators is not that long, and you get what you pay for. The rabbit market is very competitive, so keeping the price low affects the quality. How many manufactures give a guarantee on their vibrators, or come to that sex toys in general? I know of one, there may be others, but the one I know doesn’t make a rabbit. When considering which vibrator is the best vibrator, we should take all factors into account, and the cheaper vibrators are not always the best buy. Vibrators that have been used are none returnable items for obvious reasons, so if it goes wrong after a couple of weeks the retailer won’t take it back, and you find yourself out of pocket with a useless vibrator. Not my idea of the best vibrator, and I doubt that it is yours.

When you are thinking of buying your first vibrator you probably look at the variety on offer and then confusion sets in, so you ask the question I’ve seen repeated so often, which is the best vibrator for me? The answer to this question should be we don’t know because you are unique. The answers offered are what works for other people, and may or may not work for you. Think about your own body, what are your best erogenous zones? Do you need it for solo use? Do you want it to use with your partner to enhance your lovemaking? Do you just need a quick orgasm, or a slow sensual build up? When you have answered these questions and know what you need from a vibrator, do some online window shopping and you might find you can answer your own question, as only you can.

Returning to the rabbit, it is probably the best vibrator for a quick orgasm if that is what you need, but as with all vibrators it should be used with caution. Over use can cause desensitisation of the area it stimulates, resulting in an orgasm taking longer to achieve. If you find this happening take a long break and try something else, it should return things normal. Better still don’t use the same type of vibrator all the time, after all sex gets pretty boring if all you ever get is a quickie. The female body is a sensual creation that needs attention given to the whole of it occasionally.

To conclude I think that the best vibrator does not exist, because one vibrator cannot do everything and satisfy all. What do you think?

To see a range of vibrators with a one year guarantee: – Click Here.

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